Saturday, January 25, 2014

1 Year Blogoversary!

I can't believe it's actually here! Le Renifleur is 1 year old today! Over the course of the 12 months, we've seen a bunch of design changes, changes in how we write posts, and looking back at our first reviews, we've "matured" so much in the writing category!

It just feels like yesterday when Emilie and I started the blog. Time flies! Thank you to all the followers (it means a lot) and just to everyone who's ever left a comment, and all the other bloggers that have answered my thousands of questions. And of course, Emilie, for being the best friend and co-blogger ever to exist in the whole world.

I'm going to go process this all, and I hope you guys enjoyed the special blogoversary posts this week! I'll link to them below in case you missed any, and I'll be back posting tomorrow!

Blogoversary Kickoff 
Bath & Body Works: Sky, Sun, Air
10 Amazing Beauty Hacks
Yves Saint Laurent: Belle D' Opium
NEW: Maybelline Baby Lips Crystal Collection
Bath & Body Works NEWS

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bath & Body Works: Body Butters DISCONTINUED & Mad About You

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you guys know that Bath and Body Works is discontinuing their body butters. I guess they weren't selling well enough, and you guys have a couple more days to grab the last ones before they run out, I saw some in a discount bin leftover from the semi-annual sale. 

The body butters have been removed from the website.

Either way, don't worry, because the Body Shop has some amazing body butters that smell like heaven. (Mango being my personal favorite, and chocolate is also good!)

Now, to happier news: Sky, Sun, and Air are all $6 right now, so if you're looking for them, go get it now! On other notes (no pun intended), the Mad About You preview is now out. I was super excited for it, made me smell like a baboon had a mud-butt. I don't know why, everyone says they love it, but it just didn't work out for me. :( 

If you smell Mad About You, let me know what you think! And, don't forget to check back tomorrow for our Blogoversary! (yup, it's our Blogoversary Eve today!)

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blogoversary Beauty Hacks!

Hey guys! Today, I thought it would be fun to list some really cool beauty/skincare/haircare hacks! I'll put in some proper graphics later today, since I'm in a time rush right now, so check back later to see them!

1. Use a toothbrush to remove dead skin from your lips! Brush them gently, in a circular motion.

2. Wash your pillowcases often, or invest in a silk pillowcase
 to help stop acne!   

3.  Coconut Oil makes a fantastic lotion and eye-makeup remover! (I think I need to do a post on the miracles of coconut oil.)

4. (I think this is my favorite!) Use rubbing alcohol to fix broken powders, eyeshadows, and blushes!    Cover the powder (in the compact) with plastic wrap, and mash it up with the back of a makeup brush or paintbrush. Take it off, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, smooth it over, and let it dry! Check out the tutorial at the Beauty Department.

5. For a DIY Gel Liner, hold a regular eyeliner pencil under a lighter for a second. Let it cool down for 15, and now you'll get an intense smudge!

6. Apply concealer in a triangle shape to conceal under eye circles. You can also use cucumber to
calm down puffiness!

7. You can use a spoon as a guideline for winged eyeliner.

8. Use a rubber band or bandaid for a perfect French tip!

9. Use shimmery eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes to make them look more awake and bigger.

10. Now, the most important..... Apply perfume at your pressure points: neck, behind ears, wrists, behind knees, and elbows.  

That's all for now, but make sure to check out this list from Buzzfeed, which is pretty cool!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NEW Baby Lips! (Baby Lips CRYSTAL)

Hey guys! SO. Huge news! I saw on Nouveau Cheap a couple days ago that there was a spotting of the new spring line of Baby Lips- the Crystal Collection!

CVS accidentally posted them on their website, but have since then taken them down. 

The new colors are:
Pink Quartz
Twinkling Taupe
Beam of Blush
Gleaming Coral
Mirrored Mauve
Crystal Kiss

If the names are any indication, it looks like they're going to be shimmers! 

I honestly cannot wait to see how these look! If you've seen them, leave a comment below, and I'll be sure to post if I see anything more! 

Keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent: Belle d' Opium

Guest Post by Ruby

Belle d'Opium perfume, by Yves Saint Laurent is a sweet but seductive, refined but naughty perfume. With the smell of casablanca lily, gardenia, jasmin, incense, peach, white pepper, tobacco, hookah accord, fruity notes, amber, sandalwood, patchouli, and smoky notes, it is a bewitching and fantastic perfume. 
The bottle is blue, with a gold circle and a red wick printed on it. 

"The new addiction by Yves Saint Laurent. A mysterious woman, a powerful and unsettling seductress, ingenuous but dangerous. Her perfume is a bewitching and luminous new Oriental fragrance. An overdose of rare and precious ingredients: Casablanca Lily, Incense, Jasmine Absolute. "                                           
                                                   -YSL description

When you sniff out Belle d'Opium, by Yves Saint Laurent, an overpowering and sweet and bewitching scent fills your nose. It smells fruity with touches of a spicy floral smell, but if I have to give it one name I would name it this:

The lasting power of this is short-moderate, and it doesn't last all day, unfortunately.
Belle d'Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is good to wear on special occasions, like parties and chic night outs.  

The prices are:

1.0 oz. $49.00
1.6 oz. $69.00
3.0 oz. $89.00 

This post was written by Ruby, a friend and guest reviwer for Le Renifleur 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Bath & Body Works: Sky, Air, Sun

Hey guys! I've posted about the preview to this a week ago, but the B&BW spring line "Sky Air Sun" is officially out in stores as of tomorrow. It's been online for a couple days, but I decided to wait until the release!
This is sorta a big release, and it's also a Blogoversary post!

The three different scents in these collection are:
Sky: Violet Lily
Air: Pear Blossom
Sun: Golden Magnolia

Before we get to the scents, can we take a moment about that packaging? Hold the phone, it's amazing. (I actually found that the font used is RNS Camelia...because you totally wanted to know that...)

Sun's packaging is probably my favorite, but they're all super pretty!

Anyway, they're all floral scents (mind pear blossom, which has pear), are available in these forms:

Shower Gel
Fine Fragrance Mist
Diamond Shimmer Mist
Triple Body Moisture Cream
Glowing Body Scrub

Travel Sizes: Lotion, Shower Gel, Fragrance Mist

Also, a DIAMOND shimmer mist?! According to the website, these shimmer mists actually have REAL DIAMOND DUST in them. That sounds like some pretty cool stuff.

Now, to the reviews!

Violet Lily Sky is definitely my favorite! This scent is probably the cleanest of the collection, and the violets and lilies smell like heaven. At first, I thought that Sky was like Rome Honeysuckle Amore, but I don't think they can be anymore different. After that, I compared them to all the other lotions, and I think it's safe to say that Sky is completely it's own fragrance, in fact, I think that all 3 scents in the collection are really unique. I'll be honest, I thought this one would be the most generic, but I absolutely LOVE this one! 100% recommended.

I don't think that there's really any pear scents that aren't discontinued, so this one is really good! I've never really been a big pear person (scent-wise, because they are delicious to eat), but this one is absolutely perfect! I wouldn't personally buy a perfume of this one, (I'm more of a floral person, save tropical fruits for the summertime) but if you're a fruit kind of person, definitely check this one out!

I was the most excited for Sun, and though Sky took the #1 spot, this scent is so perfect. It's a really sweet floral scent (duh) and it almost smells like someone took a ton of fresh little sugar crystals and grew a flower out of that. Once again, for this one, I haven't smelled any other scent that smells like this one. It's really, really sweet, probably a bit sweeter than Velvet Sugar and definitely sweeter than Paris Amour. Unlike those, however, it's a really natural sugary scent, and you can tell immediately that it's a really sweet and natural flower scent.

Overall, I think that you guys should definitely check these out! If you're a clean scent lover, check out Sky, a fruit person, check out Pear, or a sweet floral person, check out Sun! You'll probably love all of them like I do. After all, what's not to love? They're all super unique and I can't wait to smell the fragrance mists.

If you check them out, let me know what you think, and if you see the diamond mists, let me know! Also, make sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 of the blogoversary! (and make sure to follow to keep up to date on the newest reviews and posts!)

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hey guys! So as you can probably's our blogoversary week! Yay! I can't believe that Le Renifleur's almost been up for a year.

Anyway, to celebrate, we'll be having more reviews (Beauty Blender, anyone?), tutorials, a special guest post, and more! (I'm also thinking of a couple small giveaways, but mailing is turning out to be a pain in the butt.)

For our little kickoff, I've decided to share some of the people that make blogging worth it with you guys- they're all great bloggers and have amazing content!

I couldn't find a blog button, so I made one myself. :) Cia's blog is awesome, and you can always count on it for the newest and best news on all things Bath and Body Works. Cia's also really nice and is always willing to answer your questions.

This is seriously an awesome blog, (and yes, this button is impromptu, too). Nouveau Cheap is a blog for all drugstore cosmetics & deals, and I really enjoy reading all the posts! (There's enough to keep you busy for days.) G is also super nice, and super passionate. It was here that I saw that there would be a new Baby Lips line a couple days ago- the Crystal Collection.

Ruby isn't a perfume-product-skincare etc. blogger, (a book blogger) but she's helped me so much! Her blog design is absolutely beautiful, too. If you're looking for a new book to read, go check out her reviews!

And, of course, I wouldn't even be writing this if it wasn't for Emilie, the most awesome-amazing-fantabulous person in the world! YAY EMILIE!

I also can't forget our readers and followers- thank yew!

I hope you guys enjoy the lineup we have for the next week, and heck back tomorrow for Day 2 of the blogoversary!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

SPOTTED: Bath & Body Works: Mad About You

Forget promises. No one's complaining, so more Bath & Body Works stuff! Wheeee! Pictures have been circulating around Instagram of B&BW's new fragrance, Mad About You.

And it looks absolutely perfect.

According to the description, it's a mixture of peonies, black currant, and vanilla musk. It sounds like it's going to be a darker floral scent, kind of like Be Enchanted. 
Mad About You hits store on Valentine's Day, so I'm hoping to review it! 

Are your exited for the release? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works (Preview): Sun, Air, Sky & ScentSnap

Hey guys! I know that I said earlier that I wouldn't be posting any more Bath and Body Works things, but I just have to post a quick preview! I won't review these until the 21st when they are released, but here's just a little memo about the new spring collection: Sun, Air, Sky.

Along with that, you may have heard of B&BW's newly launched photo app, ScentSnap! I think it's super cute (I may or may not like editing photos), so I took the photo of Sun, Air, & Sky with it. But just in case it looks weird, there's  regular picture at the bottom.

I'll go in detail with the new fragrance line when it officially launches, but I absolutely LOVE the packaging! it's so simple, but so elegant and fun. I'm just hoping that they bring out fragrance mists and perfumes and even a fashion bottle with these, because they're amazing! Up until the 21st, they'll be available in stores for 3/$6, so check them out! I honestly have no idea which is my favorite, they're all amazing! Check back on the 21st to see the reviews for them!

(Here's the unedited version)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted

You guys are all probably sick of Bath & Body Works by now...but I can't help myself! There's just so much to review! This will be the last one for a while, until their spring collection comes out. I promise.

Anyways, Be Enchanted is often regarded as a "new Secret Wonderland," which was discontinued.

"Inspired by the wonder of a shimmering fantasy, Be Enchanted is a charming mix of frosted florals sweetened with sparkling, sugared pomegranate
Top Notes: Mouthwatering Citrus, Iced Pomegranate, Chilled Wildberries, Crystallized Passionfruit
Mid Notes: Sheer Honeysuckle, Floral Frosted Bouquet, Sugared Violet, Dew fruit, Asian Pear
Dry Notes: Whipped Vanilla, Creamy Musk, Sandalwood"

-Bath & Body Works Description

Where Velvet Sugar is more on the sweet side, Be Enchanted has more of a musky, floral smell instead. The first notes you'll smell are the fruits, which then give way towards the citrus and rest of the flowers.

As the description says, the frosted berries and flowers definitely give off the whole "frosted" effect. 

Pun sort of intended, but it's a very "enchanting" scent, but I think that "secret" would work too. (These people who name these things are really good at their jobs.) 

What I'm trying to say is that Be Enchanted is more of a dark, mysterious scent than a fun, flirty scent, if you get what I mean. I'm not quite sure if you have to have an acquired smell for it, since I know that some people do not like darker scents, (this is also backed up by the fact that it is not on the fragrance best-sellers at Bath and Body) but it's definitely something you should give ago, if not for every day, then for when you want to create more of an aura of "mystery" and classiness.

Be Enchanted seems to have a little bit more of a staying-power margin than the others, but I think that the notes are just much stronger than some of the more generic ones found in some of the other perfumes. (The vanilla is definitely evident, and is the main thing you smell after a while, along with a bit of the others.) The end result, when the day is over, is a sweet, musky vanilla scent.

Overall, I'd recommend this to anyone that loves Secret Wonderland, Velvet Sugar, Warm Vanilla Sugar,  and Forever Midnight.

*UPDATE* I just saw some photos circulating on Instagram, on 1/7/13, (this Tuesday) B&BW will be having a preview of their new Spring Collection: Sky, Air, Sun. The lotions will be 3/$6 until they are released on January 21st.

Friday, January 3, 2014

VIKTOR & ROLF Flowerbomb

It's one of the most note-worthy fragrances of 2013, and even now. It's been plastered everywhere, promoted everywhere, reviewed everywhere. And, oh my, by designers debuting their FIRST perfume! You've probably heard it all. But the question is:

Is it worth the hype?

Well, guess what? The hype is completely well deserved. Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam-based Fashion House, and Flowerbomb was created in 2005, but only recently became "big" here in the states.

Ever since a little "peel-to-sniff" sample of Flowerbomb came in a catalogue, I'd been wanting to try Flowerbomb so badly. Fortunately for me, I got the travel sized set for my birthday, which I'll talk about more below. (Possible money saving!)

On to the scent.
The name, of course, pretty much clues you in on the main arrangements of the notes: Flowers.

"This floral explosion releases a profusion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality. Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, and ballerina freesia bloom on a base of patchouli." 


When you first spray/sniff Flowerbomb, you sorta get blasted in the face by a sweet, musky, but not sickly explosion of floweriness. Don't worry, though, it tones down after a minute or two. The style is best described as Oriental, Gourmand, and Floral, as the description says, with an oriental floral being different than any other floral perfume out there.

While most floral perfumes have notes with more bright, "springy" flowers, not to mention mixed in with citrus and berries, (Marc Jacobs Daisy, anyone?) Flowerbomb seems to have a more reserved, more elegant "feeling" to it, while packing a floral bomb of sweetness.

Even though it's not a note, I can smell a sort of fresh, melony scent underneath it, off to the side, just to make it less "bomb" and more "flower."
The first sniff you take is a bombardation (is that a word?) of sweetness, but sniff once more a few seconds later, and the middle and base notes will appear, filling you with the harmoniously blended florals. All the flowers/notes are equally detectable, but I'd say the rose and orchid are what you smell first.

 SPRAYS:                                    ROLLERBALL:                    TRAVEL:
                       3.4 oz: $165                                     0.33 oz: $29                      0.75 oz: $35
                       1.7 oz: $115                                     0.17 oz: $35 
                         1 oz: $80
                       0.68 oz: $50

(For the rollerball, I'm not exactly sure why the 0.17 is less than the 0.33, because they're both eau de parfum, so I'm guessing a Sephora website glitch.) 

$165 is not necessarily a break for your wallet. Depending on how much you like the perfume, it might be overpriced.

However, there is a way to save. Notice that the 0.68 oz is $50, while the travel sized duo is $35, with 0.75 oz. Looking to save? Go with the travel duo. Even better, the small little travel duo will be much harder to break inside your purse, suitcase, or bag, and there's no way the TSA will be able to turn it away.

Overall, I think that once I run out, I'll be buying this again, and you should go check it out! (you can get mini samples at Sephora.)

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year + Proposed Lineup!

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2014 brings many surprises, and that it's the best year yet!

This month is also super exciting for us, because it's our Blogoversary Month! From the 19th to the 26th, we'll be celebrating with tons of reviews, tutorials, and maybe even a few giveaways!

While we wait for that to arrive, here's some products in our line-up that we'll be reviewing.

-Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb
-Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
-Maybelline Lumi Touche Concealer & Dream Fresh BB Cream
-Bremenn  Clinical Emergency Zit Stick
-Sonia Kashuk Quad in Shimmering Shadows
-Bath and Body Works Be Enchanted Fragrance Mist
-Benefit They're Real
-Sephora Beauty Blender

That's not all, but there's a little sneak peek on what to expect this month! Don't forget to subscribe/follow so you can stay up to date and be the first to know about new reviews, tutorials, and posts! Bye!