Thursday, June 27, 2013

GFC & Bloglovin- Please Read, Inportant Information

It is with an anxious and heavy heart (and nose) that we type this.
There are rumors circulating that GFC, what our 35 amazing followers use to follow us, is going to be discontinued on July 1st. 
We doesn't believe this rumor, but want to be safe, so now Le Renifleur Leopard Reviews has a Bloglovin. 

We would really REALLY REALLY REALLY  appreciate it you could follow us on BlogLovin too, should the event that GFC does disappear, so we will be spared from th devastation, especially since we just hit out 35 Follower mark. 

Here is the code thing, and there's a button on the sidebar.
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 I hope you follow Le Renifleur through BlogLovin, so we can be prepared in case the Blogapocalypse does happen.

Thank you so much, and we really appreciate it,
The Le Renifleur Staff

Monday, June 17, 2013

Bright Crystal by Versace

Remember when I said that Bath and Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom was the best? (You probably don't, but I won't hold it against you.)
I've officially changed my mind. Introducing, Bright Crystal by Versace! 

"Inspired by a mixture of Donatella Versace's favorite floral fragrances, Bright Crystal is a fresh, sensual blend of refreshing chilled yuzu and pomegranate mingled with soothing blossoms of peony, magnolia, and lotus flower, warmed with notes of musk and amber.

If this could be described in one word, it would have to be tropical. Bright Crystal is not specifically tropical, but also floral and clean. The Style in the description is 100% accurate. I'll admit- I have absolutely no idea how Yuzu, Acajou, and Vegetal Amber smell. My guess would be like an orange, wood, and, well, amber, I suppose. 
The first notes you're going to smell are pomegranate, Yuzu, and iced Accord. (Top notes) After that, it's lotus, magnolia, and peony. (The middle notes.)

I have a really weird nose, and I tend classify things perfumes/fragrances into three categories: (1) Smells like un-scented hand sanitizer. (2) PLEASE TAKE THIS OFF ITS BURNING MY NOSTRILS AAAAHHHHH HELP ME! (3) Ooh! I can smell it! This smells good. (This category branches off from there.)

It's fun and fruity, meanwhile being poised and elegant. 
This fragrance is great for the day (any time of year, but more so summer) and remains fruity.

I'd say that it is a must-buy. 

Overall Ratings:
Packaging: 3.5/5
Scent: 5/5
Price: $50-$90

So, our overall rating for Versace Bright Crystal is 4.5/5. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

EOS: Lemon Drop and Pomegranate Raspberry

"Smooth on an all-natural lip balm that delivers the perfect balance of flavor and moisture."

Looking for a smooth, moisturzing lip balm with a totally new and creative container/package! Then I advise you check out EOS lip balm. Available in 12 different flavors, EOS is sure to please. These happen to be my first EOS lip balms ever purchased, so withoput further ado, Pomegranate Raspberry and Lemon Drop!

Pomegranate Raspberry:

Pomegranate Raspberry is probably my fourth or fifth favorite of the EOS smooth spheres. I've been using this one for a while, but the scent starts to...deteriorate after a while, and starts to smell like Passion Fruit, Summer Fruit, and Strawberry Sorbet. (The same happens with those, but that's a different subject for a different time!) Personally, I think tha tit still smells fine, but some of my friends and others I have aksed have said that they hate the smell. Meh. 

Lemon Drop

Lemon Drop- one of my favorites! (My 2nd, actually, after Honeysuckle Honeydew.) When I first bought this, like with all cosmetic products, you have no idea how it's going to smell or look once you crack it open. I'm definitely more of a fresh lemonade sort of person, and this smelled exactly like a hyped-up lemon and keylime pie. For a while, it was too overpowering for me, but now, it's one of my favorite scents out of the EOS's. Along with smelling super sweet, this little egg's got SPF 15, too.

Overall Ratings: 
Pomegranate Raspberry:
Scent: Three Roses
Packaging: Four Roses
Durability/How Long Does it Last?: Depends on usage amount, but a couple months, if not more.
Would I Buy It Again?: No. I would buy a different flavor. 

Lemon Drop: 
Scent: Four Roses
Packaging: Four Roses
Durability: Depends on usage amount. (couple months)
Would I Buy It Again?: My favorite is Honeydew, but yes!

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