Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Lips Electros: Pink Shock, Oh Orange, Berry Bomb

(From left to right: Minty Sheer, Berry Bomb, Fierce 'n Tangy, Strike a Rose, and Pink Shock)

You've probably heard that there is more than one set of Baby Lips. (If you read the review right beneath this one, then you already know all of this!) 
For those that haven't, there are 3 sets of Baby Lips: Original, Spring Special Edition, and Electro. 
While the only way to get the special editions are to dish out some cash on Amazon, right now is the best time to buy the Electro collection- while you can. 

"Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm provides clinical care with a neon kick, plus visibly renewed lips. In just one week, 88% had smoother lips; 82% had less dry lips; 70% had more supple lips; and 83% had better-looking lips.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Lip Balm:

  • No more basic lip balm!
  • Clinical care with a neon kick
  • 8-hour moisture"
-Maybelline Description from their website

The ones I managed to grab at the local Ulta are Pink Shock (sheer hot pink) Oh! Orange! (light orange) and Berry Bomb (purple), but there are 3 more in the collection: Fierce and Tangy (yellow, clear, smells like Quenched), Minty Sheer (green and clear, mint), and Strike a Rose (orangey-pink). 

Pink Shock

Pink Shock is probably the most pigmented of the bunch. Seriously! You just need one quick swipe and BAM! 
The scent is kinda hard to pinpoint- somewhat fruity, but sweet, like candy. I can't think of a way to describe it. I guess you'll have to try it for yourself!!

Oh! Orange!

If you're not a fan of citrus, then Oh! Orange! may not be the best for you. Despite not really liking oranges, I luuuuuurrve the smell of any citrus. (Particularly lemons and oranges!) It's pretty much a sharp, tangy mix of lemon and orange- it's definitely amazing! 

On the tint side of things, it's definitely less tinted than Pink Shock, and closer to your skin tone. (I pretty much have the lightest skin tone possible, besides an albino elephant, so I'm just speaking for myself. :P)

Berry Bomb 

I have to say that the scent of Berry Bomb is one of the best of all the Baby Lips. While it's sweet, it still manages to pull of the fruity, berry flavor. I was kind of nervous about it- everything purple that I have ever sniffed smells like that disgusting Tylenol grape. *shudders*
And anything berry smells like that horrifying Tylenol berry-cherry.  *shudders even more* Thank the world, this smells nothing like either of the two, or like Grapevine and Cherry Me. (If you like the taste of Tylenol, I advise you buy those instead.)

As for pigmentation, it's more of a light magenta than purple. Less pigmentation than Pink Shock, and about the same as Oh! Orange!.


Overall Ratings:
Scent: 4
Package: 5!! (The words are printed on the stick instead- and the neon and black is adorkable!)
Price: $2.97-$3.99 (same product, depends where you buy it) 
Durability- n/a
Where to buy: Walmart, Target (online only), Ulta. (Ulta is probably your best bet- the most expensive, but they have a good supply) 
Likes: Packaging, scents. 
Wishes: That it's a little less pigmented. 

So, the overall rating is- 4.2!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Quenched

You've probably heard of then, or maybe you've asked, "I wonder what that empty shelf is supposed to hold." 
Either way, introducing Maybelline Baby Lips. 

"Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm moisturizes lips for a full eight hours. Made with an exclusive skincare formula, lips are visibly renewed after using this Lip Balm for just one week. 
For clinically cared-for, baby-soft lips, Maybelline Lip Balm is easy to carry with you and designed to be effective." 
-Maybelline Online Description 

There are three different collections of Baby Lips: the originals, the spring limited editions, and the Electros.
(I have two other Baby Lips, but they are from the Electro collection, so I will review them separately.)

Unless you're willing to dish out some cash out Amazon, you (and I) are out of luck where the springtime limited editions are concerned. However, the originals, which include four tinted colors and two sheer ones and always available, and if you look around a bit, you'll find the Electro collection. 

The one I'm reviewing today, Quenched, is one of the two sheer lip balms from the original collection, and is SPF 20. 

The scent of Quenched is somewhat peculiar. It's supposed to smell like lemon, but smells like a mixture of sunscreen and ReaLemon juice. (The juice that comes in the plastic lemon containers) 
While the scent is interesting, it's not necessarily repulsing. 

Baby Lips are probably most known for being tinted. Quenched isn't, but I don't really mind that, since it definitely does it's job when it comes to sun protection. 
While I was at the beach on vacation, I used this for a week and managed to avoid any sunburn to my lips. (Yay ^_^)

However, one downside is that it makes your lips feel kind of oily, unlike EOS lip balm spheres. This may just be in the Quenched flavor, but I have heard others say the same. 

Quenched is definitely for you if you're looking for a good, sunscreen lip balm with awesome packaging, or of you're just in town for a sheer lip balm. 

Overall Ratings
Scent: 2.5 (for Quenched only)
Package: 4 (cute and practical, however, on Quenched, they simply slapped a label on the container instead of printing the words on if.)
Price: $2.97-$3.99 in stores, varying prices on Amazon. 
Durability: I've dropped this one several times too, no breakage. I will post as soon as it is finished so you all can tell how long it lasts. (I've had it for over a month, and I've barely made a dent) 

So, the overall score is: 3.5!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gud Pearanormal Activity Shampoo & Conditioner

Burt's Bees is a very well known brand by all of us. Recently I discovered their new line of products called: Gud by Burt's Bees. When I saw this line I just had to try it. The scent is called pearanormal activity. I bought the shampoo and conditioner from that scent. 
First of all the shampoo and conditioner work fantastic! I have been using this shampoo and conditioner together all summer. It is defiantly a summer scent because its a very refreshing and fruity scent. If you aren't a fan of sweet scents this is not for you! The packaging is very clean and looks very new. I personally like the packaging and think it looks great. Some people might disagree. The price is a little bit pricey but the product will last a while. The prices range from $5-7. So like I said on the pricier side. If you are willing to pay the price I am positive this shampoo and conditioner won't disappoint. The only thing that I would like to improv the product even more is for the scent to stay in your hair after using it because I love the scent so much I would like it to stay in my hair for a longer time. 
It's time for.... 
Overall Ratings 
Smell: 4 stars 
Packaging: 5 stars 
Price: 2 stars (the average price of the product is $6.99) 
Overall Score: 
3.5 stars 

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Little Summer~ Top Picks

(I recently got a Polyvore, so that's where I made it. If you want to see what's in the pic, my username is julialerenifleur- it's tje only thing I've made- so it shouldn't be too hard to find it!)

It's in the middle of summer! It's good for many reasons: NO SCHOOL! MORE TIME TO BLOG!
And bad for two others: School starts in a month, and it's freakishly hot. :( (Speaking of which, we're working on the best back-to-school fragrances as you read this,)

I figured I'd share my creation above with you guys, since it is titled Summer. 
And, of course, some of our reviews that I think would match perfectly with this outfit. Nevertheless, it is time for the best fragrances (with one exception) of summer! 

1. Versace Bright Crystal 

2. Dot by Mark Jacobs

3. Light Blue by Dolce and Gabbana

4. Yes to Grapfruit: Facial Towelettes


5. White Citrus (Bath and Body Works)

Have something that you'd like to see on our next featurec list? Have something you'd like to say about this one? Comment below! I love hearing your responses.