Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bath and Body Works: Velvet Sugar for $5

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that Bath and Body Works is releasing their Velvet Sugar fragrance mist today, and you can get it for $5! (It's a full sized one.)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Secret Sephora Black Friday Deal- RIGHT NOW!

Hey guys! If you're like me (a control freak who tries to plan something, and ends up rushing it) you're already scouting for Black Friday deals. (What can I say- kids gotta plan!) 

Sephora revealed their 33 $10 Black Friday deals on Pinterest today, and I couldn't be more excited! Included in this  are some Stila palettes that I absolutely love! (The Artful Eye Collection palettes, and the Collage of Color lip and cheek palette.) 

Image credits to 

At a $54 value, these palettes will be on sale on Black Friday- and I'm confident they'll go fast. 

But...after a little bit of scouting, guess what?! You can get them RIGHT NOW for the same price! This is for a limited time only, as they'll probably take these away at the end of the weekend.

If these tickle you fancy, and you want to ensure your Black Friday scores, I advise you head on over to the Sephora website, and check 'em out! 

Collage of Lip Color:

Artful Eyes:

Also, make sure to check out the rest of the Black Friday deals over at the Sephora Black Friday Pinterest board! (You don't need to have an account to look!)

Also, don't forget to check out G's post at Nouveau Cheap!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching Fire Nails!

With the move premiere coming out today, (SQUEE!) Ithought I'd do a post on my Catching Fire Nails, and the new Covergirl Catching Fire line!

This is the final product. (Sorry for the bad lighting!) On my nails is a beige-white with hold, hexagonal glitter, and on the accent nail is red polish with small, round glitter. 

All of the colors are from the e.l.f. Holiday Nail Cube, priced at $10 for 14. I highly recommend purchasing this as a Christmas gift or for the holidays! I'll be doing a separate post on it soon, but the cube contains every glitter and holiday color you'd ever need, including all the winter trends, such as gold, maroon, oxblood-purple, and more. 

As for the new Covergirl Capitol Collection, it includes the Glosstinis nail polish, Flamed Out Masacara, Smoochies limited edition lip gloss, and nail stickers. 

Although I couldn't find any trace of these products at my Target (leading me to purchase the cube), there were several items at my local Walmart. I didn't see any Glosstinis, but the Flamed Out mascara was there, along with a two pack of mail stickers and a Glosstini nail polish. They weren't in the display, though, or on the shelves. Instead, they were on the hangin displays at the corners of the shelves, like so:


My Walmart only had one type of the decals, (Tawny Flame) but I think that all the Walmarts differ. 

Will you be seeing Catching Fire? Are you going to be dressing up or pick up some of the Capitol Collection? Leave a comment below and tell us! 

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub

Hey guys! It's been a while since I reviewed a lip product, and forever since I've reviewed one that's not lip balm. 
This was supposed be part of my Birthday Haul post, (right below this one!) but it was already posted by the time I received this. (I'll update the other post.)

This scrub, is of course, found at Lush, and is NOT a seasonal item. (Cola-fans: there's a limited edition Cola flavored one for Christmas!) 


I'll start by saying that I may have found my new favorite thing. There's no picture of the ingredients (it came out blurry), but here they are:
-Fair Trade Sugar
-Castor Oil
-Cold Pressed Organic Jojoba Oil
-Methyl Ionone 
-red food dye

It's EDIBLE. And it actually tastes GOOD. 
I'm in a bit of a dilemma here- I want to skip the entire "lip scrub" part and just move onto the "eat the entire container" part. I'm not quite sure how my digestive system would enjoy that.  

Either way, the scrub is meant to be licked off. 

To apply, simply take a small, pea-sized amount, rub and scrub it around, and the lick it off! 
Sugar is known for being an extremely affective remover of hair and dead skin (and taste-tay, too), so most of the dead skin comes right off! 

As for the scent, if you're a fan of all things sweet, or the Snow Fairy collection, you'll love this!

For those with more practical reasons than me, (aka: actually using it to get dead skin off) I'd say go for it. (Emilie and I are hoping to have some DIY things coming up soon- will a lip scrub be one of them?) 

I feel that the only down point with this product is the price. ($9.95)
For the small container, I feel like the price should be less, or at least make the containers/product bigger. You can get quite a few decent uses out of it, though, and that's all that matters. 

But, I have to admit, the little glass container is ADORABLE! I'm planning on keeping that little guy...

Final Verdict:
If you're willing to spend $10 on this, whether it be for dry/flaking lips, or just for fun, I say go for it! 

[Overall Rating: 4 Roses] 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Birthday Haul!

Hey, everyone!

I'm super excited about this post- my birthday haul! My birthday was several days ago, but I celebrated it on Sunday, so that's why this is being posted now. 

Either way, I've got products from Lush (which include the new Christmas items!) and then two others.

                      Everything :)

                       First Half 

                     Second Half 

The products are:
LUSH Knot Wrap
LUSH Angel's Delight Soap 
LUSH Godmother Soap
LUSH Candy Mountain Bubble Bar
LUSH Snow Fairy Sparkle Solid Lotion
LUSH Pink Bath Bomb
LUSH Solid Perfume in Karma
LUSH FUN Holiday Set
VERSACE Bright Crystal Perfume (3.0 oz)
VIKTOR & ROLF Flowerbomb Travel Set 
(The Sweetie Pie shower jelly is a gift for someone else!) 

Individual Pictures

                      Knot Wrap

                   Godmother Soap

              KARMA Solid Perfume

              Angel's Delight Soap

           Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

                   Pink Bath Bomb
         Snow Fairy Sparkle Solid Lotion

                FUN Christmas Gift Set 

    Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Travel Set

             Versace Bright Crystal

I can't wait to review all of these products; I'll have review up soon! 

Which products catch your eye? Tell me below in the comments, and make sure to subscribe/follow so you can hear about new reviews first! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lush Retro: Scentenary Soap

Happy Sunday! Enjoying the time change? (Or not)

Anywho, Have you heard of Lush Retro's? If you haven't, no need to feel bad- I didn't either! 

The Lush Scentenary Soap is a Rose Jam flavoured soap, which is the 2013 Retro for a store's opening's Anniversary. It's an exclusive soap that appears only once in store for only one two days. After hearing that it was also limited edition, too,  how could I not get it? 

Of course, it's shaped like a rose birthday cake. (What did you expect?) According to the employee, you can actually purchase the ENTIRE cake. "For a small price of $208!" 
I could buy 30 of my favorite chocolate cakes with that. But it's still awesome. How often can you buy a soap cake?!

I've found each soap to have the same amount of lather and how well they work for getting you clean, so that only leaves the scent, I suppose! 

This Scentenary Cake is a sweet, rose-jam scented smell: "the freshness of roses with the sweetness of jam," and I'd definitely say there's more sweet than stems. It's a little bit suffocating at first, but it settles down, and makes your whole bathroom smell like roses! I think it smells a lot better than Lush's Rose Jam shower gel, honestly. I seriously can't find anything wrong with Lush soaps, besides me not liking the scent of them. They all work amazingly. 

Even though it's on the more expensive side of the soaps, at $30.99 a pound (but no one really buys that much anyway), you can get a decent amount for under $10. 

Lush will put out cards a week before their "party" (unfortunately, I missed it) so you can get a heads up when this soap comes around!

Quick Facts and Overall Thoughts
Company/Retailer- Lush
Price- $30.99 per pound
Scent- Rose Jam 
Would I Buy It Again? Each year Lush has a different one, but if this came out again, yes!

Overall Rating: Four Roses 
(I love the scent, but I wish that it wasn't limited edition and easier for people to obtain. But then it wouldn't be special I guess, right?)