Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free Nicole by OPI Nail Polish!

Happy Sunday, everyone! I've just got a little something I'd like to share. 


Kellogg's Special K is giving away FREE OPI nail polish! It's by the code system, so three codes means you'll get the red jail polish, and for eight, you get all three. (On the box) 

I'm not sure how many Special K products have this, and I think that these boxes were just released. Either way, just wanted to let you guys know about this, and if you see any of the boxes, send us a pic!

Friday, October 18, 2013

SPOTTED: New flavors and sets added to the EOS website

Hi guys, It's Emilie! I don't even know what has happened the past couple months, I've been so busy with school you don't even know. We've already had like 45 tests and my brain is ruined. I'm going to try my best to post at least once a week!

Today I was snooping on the EOS website when I was shocked by the amount of new flavors and products. Let's start with the flavors, the main flavor that is now added to their permanent collection is called Blueberry Acai. I personally own this flavor from the Alice and Wonderland collection (sorry this is unfortunately no longer available).

Finally the sets added. They have 4 new limited edition sets on their website right now. I'll just list them with the links so you can see what they look like before I give the actual reviews of every one. Here they are:
-Limited Edition 3 Pack
-Smooth Sphere Lip Balm and Hand Lotion Multipack
-Breast Cancer Awareness 2 Pack
-Basket of Fruit 4 Pack

The limited edition 3 pack is $10 on their website. This consists of; Vanilla Bean, Pomegranate Raspberry, and  Sweet Mint. I have had all these flavors. They all smell very fresh and natural. Pomegranate Raspberry smells a lot like their Watermelon flavor so keep that into consideration. The only reason I would purchase this 3 pack is because of the smooth sphere vanilla bean lip balm. It smells heavenly and is only available in the stick formation (permanent). The stick comes with so little product it is a rip off.

The 2 pack of the hand lotion (berry blossom) and the lip balm (blueberry acai). I don't understand why you would buy this pack. Both these products are available to purchase separately. This 2 pack doesn't come out into the world until November 3rd. Therefor I do not know the price of this 2 pack. My guess is that it would be cheaper to buy this pack then purchasing the packs individually.

The breast cancer awareness 2 pack I think is great. This comes with watermelon and strawberry sorbet. The 2 pack retails for around $7. This pack is temporarily out of stock on the EOS website (as of 10/18/13). Both the flavors in this pack smell kind of similar. The reason why I love this 2 pack is because we are supporting a good cause. A portion of the proceeds go to research to help cure cancer. That really warms my heart. I defiantly recommend you purchase this product to help support a great cost and keep your lips looking moisturizing and smooth.

Finally, the basket of fruit 4 pack. This pack consists of: watermelon, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit and pomegranate raspberry. This retails on their website for $13. You would save about .17 cents by purchasing this pack than purchasing individually (not including tax). But hey every penny counts. The only reason I would personally purchase this pack is because of the convince. All these scents smell similar except for summer fruit. I would still recommend any of the EOS products because they are absolutely amazing.

If any of you were wondering my top 3 EOS lip balms are:
1. Summer Fruit
2. Vanilla Bean
3. Honeysuckle Honeydew

If you have read up to hear we should be friends. Thanks so much for reading. OH! I almost forgot to say that I didn't do the rating system because I haven't tried all the sets but if you want to see a rating of all the EOS lip balms I have tried feel free to let me know!

-Emilie (CO-Founder of LeRenifleur)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bath and Body Works: Forever Midnight

Hey guys! Sorry for this being a bit late, but here it is anyways- Bath and Body Works Limited Edition Forever Midnight! 

The one I'm reviewing today is the sample edition that's available until the full bottle is released, along with the secret (shush) Forever Midnight COLOGNE. (According to the saleswoman who was setting up the Forever Midnight display, the cologne and perfume smell really good when mixed together. Hmm. 

This little bottle here is packed with eau de parfum, so it lasts a long time. Really long time. Either way, this specific container includes .25 fl oz./7mL, so it's a pretty good amount. 

On to the smell. I think it's safe to say that this is one of my favorite scents ever!  It's a very elegant scent, including plum nectar, jasmine, and apple blossoms. Midnight is a word that encompasses it perfectly. Take a look at the website description.

Midnight: the hour of undeniable chemistry. A spark of sensual Plum Nectar ignites the thrilling heart of Midnight Jasmine and Vanilla Orchid, velvety florals that bloom sexiest after dark with a hint of seductive spice. The final rush of intoxicating Caramel Liqueur creates the ultimate collision of fragrance and passion.
  • Top Notes: Plum Nectar, Apple Blossom, Caramelized Pear

Sounds good enough to eat! Plum nectar is definitely the most potent note in this, and is one that stays the entire time you're wearing it. Jasmine is definitely the second most "smell-able" one, being a middle note and possibly base note. 
My only "iff" with Forever midnight is that it only lasts several hours, even though it is an eau de parfum.

OVERALL: I think that Forever Midnight is definitely a must try. It's definitely better than its sister series, Forever Red. Even it you're not sure you'll like it, give it a go- priced at $5, it's no biggie, you can always give it away to someone, or maybe your nose will change. I don't know. 

Scent: I give Forever Midnight a 5/5 for its plum, floral scent!
Durability: This doesn't last as long as I would have thought, so I give it a 3/5.
Would I Buy it Again: Yes!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mini Haul

Hey guys! Over the weekend I've managed to stock up on a few little things, of which I will be reviewing this week! Either way, here's a little preview!

I've got here the Lush Retro Scentenary Soap, a Clinique Pallete, Bath and Body Work's new Forever Midnight Perfume, and Clinique Happy perfume.

On Saturday, my local Lush had it's one-year anniversary party (which I missed, unfortunately) where this fantabulous rose soap was on sale. It's a Lush Retro, apparently, and I got a small piece, but I can't wait to try this guy out, and I'll have the full review later this week!

Bath and Body Works has just unveiled it's sister-series to Forever Red- Forever Midnight! (Which is honestly much better.) Unlike most of the Bath and Body Fragrances, Forever Midnight is an eau de parfum, not a body spray. (You can read about that difference in my other post.) This is the limited edition preview is a prelude to the big release, so check it out before these cute little bottles disappear!

This was in a promotional bag at Macy's (yay), and I haven't tried it out yet (I am completely covered with Forever Midnight on my neck, and sample sprays from the store of Versace Bright Crystal and Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb on my wrists) but I'm excited to!

Lastly, I don't think I'll be doing a review on this, but this also came with the Clinique Happy, and is the All About Shadows Quad. The colors are Angelic Eyes, Pruple Pump, Lavender Out Loud, and Graphite.

That's it for now, but I'll have reviews up later this week!

Halloween Has Landed at Lush!

I find that the seasonal products are always the best! (Too bad you can only get them once a year.)

Either way, Halloween had landed at Lush! The limited edition products include The Lord of Misrule bath bomb, the Pumkin bubble bar (yeah, it's spelled without the "p"), the Soot Ball bath bomb, and Demon in the Dark Soap. 

                                                         (Lord of Misrule and Pumkin)

                                                                 (Demon in the Dark)

This Halloween collection includes a wide variety of scents (as wide as four products can be), including fresh mint (Demon in the Dark), musky citrus (Lord of Misrule), and of course, pumpkin! (The store I was at didn't have any Soot Balls.) 

According to Lush website, there are a bunch more products in the Halloween collection. I only saw those above, but here are all of them, just in case you were wondering:
Buffy Body Butter, Dark Angels Cleanser, Enchanter Bath Bomb, Ceridwen's Caulderon Bath Melt, Enchanted Eye Cream, Devil's Nightcap Perfume (I wonder how this smells), Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (I think they just renamed one of the current ones), Skin Sin Lotion, and Bewitched Massage Bar.

Quite a few! Either way, they're definitely worth having a look at. I have to say my favorite seasonal collection is the Christmas one, though. Speaking of which, Lush already has their Christmas collection up on their website. I've got my eye on this litttle guy.

Anyways, how will you get into your Halloween spririt? (And who knows, maybe we'll have a special Halloween surprise!)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SPOTTED: NEW Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

Morning! Yeah, this is another spotted post. But it's going to be good, trust me. J
A couple days ago on Pinterest, I caught a glimpse of a Baby Lips in WHITE PACKAGING. Squee!
And then I saw them at Walmart- Baby Lips Dr. Rescue!

(Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures.)

The Baby Lips Dr. Rescue come in six different shades: Coral Crave, Too Cool, Pink Me Up, Just Peachy, Soothing Sorbet, and Berry Soft. There were only three different ones there, which were Coral Crave (the one I got) Berry Soft, and a different one I don't remember, so I only have those pictured, but a google search will easily bring them up.

They've joined the electros and regular ones in the normal display, so as of now, I think it's safe to say that they're here to stay!
The one I got is in Coral Crave. I've been looking for Coral Crush (the spring limited edition) but I couldn't find it anywhere, but when I saw this, I couldn't help but buying it! I'll have a mini review on it for you guys tomorrow or sometime soon. Oh! make sure to check out Walmart before dishing out almost five dollars for one at Ulta. You can get them for under $3 at Walmart, and they have much more! (Also, check out the Walmart product locator to see if there are any in your nearest Walmart.)