Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Has Landed at Lush!

I find that the seasonal products are always the best! (Too bad you can only get them once a year.)

Either way, Halloween had landed at Lush! The limited edition products include The Lord of Misrule bath bomb, the Pumkin bubble bar (yeah, it's spelled without the "p"), the Soot Ball bath bomb, and Demon in the Dark Soap. 

                                                         (Lord of Misrule and Pumkin)

                                                                 (Demon in the Dark)

This Halloween collection includes a wide variety of scents (as wide as four products can be), including fresh mint (Demon in the Dark), musky citrus (Lord of Misrule), and of course, pumpkin! (The store I was at didn't have any Soot Balls.) 

According to Lush website, there are a bunch more products in the Halloween collection. I only saw those above, but here are all of them, just in case you were wondering:
Buffy Body Butter, Dark Angels Cleanser, Enchanter Bath Bomb, Ceridwen's Caulderon Bath Melt, Enchanted Eye Cream, Devil's Nightcap Perfume (I wonder how this smells), Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar (I think they just renamed one of the current ones), Skin Sin Lotion, and Bewitched Massage Bar.

Quite a few! Either way, they're definitely worth having a look at. I have to say my favorite seasonal collection is the Christmas one, though. Speaking of which, Lush already has their Christmas collection up on their website. I've got my eye on this litttle guy.

Anyways, how will you get into your Halloween spririt? (And who knows, maybe we'll have a special Halloween surprise!)

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