Hi, this is the page for information about my reviews and my review policy.

Basic Info

-All opinions on Le Renifleur Leopard are 100% unbiased and my own, and I will never write a positive review for a product that I didn't like for this reason: it's unfair to me, and unfair to you.

-I write about fashion, makeup, skincare, travel, and all the things relating to and in between. I have a lot of interest in many things,  but I don't like to stray away from what Le Renifleur was built on, not on here.

-I use and review the type of products that teenagers and young adults (18-early 20's), since I'm a teenager myself. This means that you'll be finding reviews of products and opinions on things that apply to this age range (but there's things here for all ages.)

What to Expect From My Reviews

-my thoughts

-information about the product (product description, ingredients, and pictures)

-"you should try this if you liked [insert a different product]."

-unbiased review 

That's about it! If you're in PR/Business and everything is fine, then head on over to my contact page.

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