We don't necessarily use this a lot as of now, since we've found that descriptions are much better! Still, feel free to use this as a guide for some of our older posts where you see this.

We use a pretty basic rating scale- one rose, two roses, three roses, four roses, or five! However, these ratings are more of just our overall feelings towards the products, and are not always completely accurate to how we feel.

To get to the overall rose rating, we first give it a score of 1-5 for the categories of scent, packaging (mainly for perfumes, but this isn't factored into the score), "does-it-work?," durability, and whatever else applies at that moment.

One Rose: One rose means that we seriously didn't like the product, and wouldn't reccomend it to you. (It probably did something nasty to our skin!) Pass!

Two Roses: Two roses means that while the product didn't make us break out in hives, or doesn't smell absloutely horrid, it's still not a favorite. 

Three Roses: Three roses means that we enjoyed this product. Is it our favorite? Not necessarily. But it's pretty good, so give it a shot!

Four Roses: We LOVE this! This is one thing you should definitely try, and we'd buy it again for sure. 

Five Roses: LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! This product is a must-have on your shelf. Add this to our favorite!

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