Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SPOTTED: NEW Baby Lips Dr. Rescue

Morning! Yeah, this is another spotted post. But it's going to be good, trust me. J
A couple days ago on Pinterest, I caught a glimpse of a Baby Lips in WHITE PACKAGING. Squee!
And then I saw them at Walmart- Baby Lips Dr. Rescue!

(Please excuse the bad quality of the pictures.)

The Baby Lips Dr. Rescue come in six different shades: Coral Crave, Too Cool, Pink Me Up, Just Peachy, Soothing Sorbet, and Berry Soft. There were only three different ones there, which were Coral Crave (the one I got) Berry Soft, and a different one I don't remember, so I only have those pictured, but a google search will easily bring them up.

They've joined the electros and regular ones in the normal display, so as of now, I think it's safe to say that they're here to stay!
The one I got is in Coral Crave. I've been looking for Coral Crush (the spring limited edition) but I couldn't find it anywhere, but when I saw this, I couldn't help but buying it! I'll have a mini review on it for you guys tomorrow or sometime soon. Oh! make sure to check out Walmart before dishing out almost five dollars for one at Ulta. You can get them for under $3 at Walmart, and they have much more! (Also, check out the Walmart product locator to see if there are any in your nearest Walmart.)


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