Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lush World Peace Bath Bomb (by Ruby)

Hi! I'm Ruby. I'm twelve years old, and I love soap. :)
Today I'm going to be reviewing my first ever bath bomb from Lush. It's called the World Peace Bath bomb, a lovely green and blue bath bomb from Lush that's well, shaped like the world!
''Relax in an oasis of calm as your bath water turns a serene, azure-turquoise and the fresh, sweet scent of peppermint and uplifting tangerine oils envelop you. This is your very own Piece of peace, so take a moment to stop and think. Who will you make peace with?''

When you drop it into your bath and watch it fizzle, your bath turns a mythical, exotic, blue-green color, making you feel as if you are a mystical mermaid in a dazzling lake!
The smell is fresh, crisp peppermint, and not the boring old toothpaste peppermint- it's sweet smelling and relaxing.

When dropping the half of the bath bomb into the water (it was too awesome  to use all at once) the water turned the most stunning  blue-green. My favourite part was when it started to frizz and travel around the tub, sending colours most beautiful in its wake.
I think customers of Lush  and even people who are new to bath bombs would love is a must buy. The smell is fantastic, the colours are amazing, and the look is very nice.

Overall ratings:

Scent: ***** (five roses)
Look: ***** (five roses)
Durability: N/A (you can only use bath bombs once!)
Price: 4.99 Euro  (Editor's Note: The conversion to American Dollars would be $6.75)

And the overall rating is....

Ruby is a twelve-year old perfume and soap lover, and prefers to shop at vegan and no animal testing shops. She blogs about her discoveries and art at

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