Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Catching Fire Nails!

With the move premiere coming out today, (SQUEE!) Ithought I'd do a post on my Catching Fire Nails, and the new Covergirl Catching Fire line!

This is the final product. (Sorry for the bad lighting!) On my nails is a beige-white with hold, hexagonal glitter, and on the accent nail is red polish with small, round glitter. 

All of the colors are from the e.l.f. Holiday Nail Cube, priced at $10 for 14. I highly recommend purchasing this as a Christmas gift or for the holidays! I'll be doing a separate post on it soon, but the cube contains every glitter and holiday color you'd ever need, including all the winter trends, such as gold, maroon, oxblood-purple, and more. 

As for the new Covergirl Capitol Collection, it includes the Glosstinis nail polish, Flamed Out Masacara, Smoochies limited edition lip gloss, and nail stickers. 

Although I couldn't find any trace of these products at my Target (leading me to purchase the cube), there were several items at my local Walmart. I didn't see any Glosstinis, but the Flamed Out mascara was there, along with a two pack of mail stickers and a Glosstini nail polish. They weren't in the display, though, or on the shelves. Instead, they were on the hangin displays at the corners of the shelves, like so:


My Walmart only had one type of the decals, (Tawny Flame) but I think that all the Walmarts differ. 

Will you be seeing Catching Fire? Are you going to be dressing up or pick up some of the Capitol Collection? Leave a comment below and tell us! 

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  1. Ooh! I love your nails! Whenever I do paint nails, they end up super messy. And yeah, I've seen Catching Fire! I love that movie. :)

    xoxo MorningTime4


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