Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lush Retro: Scentenary Soap

Happy Sunday! Enjoying the time change? (Or not)

Anywho, Have you heard of Lush Retro's? If you haven't, no need to feel bad- I didn't either! 

The Lush Scentenary Soap is a Rose Jam flavoured soap, which is the 2013 Retro for a store's opening's Anniversary. It's an exclusive soap that appears only once in store for only one two days. After hearing that it was also limited edition, too,  how could I not get it? 

Of course, it's shaped like a rose birthday cake. (What did you expect?) According to the employee, you can actually purchase the ENTIRE cake. "For a small price of $208!" 
I could buy 30 of my favorite chocolate cakes with that. But it's still awesome. How often can you buy a soap cake?!

I've found each soap to have the same amount of lather and how well they work for getting you clean, so that only leaves the scent, I suppose! 

This Scentenary Cake is a sweet, rose-jam scented smell: "the freshness of roses with the sweetness of jam," and I'd definitely say there's more sweet than stems. It's a little bit suffocating at first, but it settles down, and makes your whole bathroom smell like roses! I think it smells a lot better than Lush's Rose Jam shower gel, honestly. I seriously can't find anything wrong with Lush soaps, besides me not liking the scent of them. They all work amazingly. 

Even though it's on the more expensive side of the soaps, at $30.99 a pound (but no one really buys that much anyway), you can get a decent amount for under $10. 

Lush will put out cards a week before their "party" (unfortunately, I missed it) so you can get a heads up when this soap comes around!

Quick Facts and Overall Thoughts
Company/Retailer- Lush
Price- $30.99 per pound
Scent- Rose Jam 
Would I Buy It Again? Each year Lush has a different one, but if this came out again, yes!

Overall Rating: Four Roses 
(I love the scent, but I wish that it wasn't limited edition and easier for people to obtain. But then it wouldn't be special I guess, right?)

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