Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gud Pearanormal Activity Shampoo & Conditioner

Burt's Bees is a very well known brand by all of us. Recently I discovered their new line of products called: Gud by Burt's Bees. When I saw this line I just had to try it. The scent is called pearanormal activity. I bought the shampoo and conditioner from that scent. 
First of all the shampoo and conditioner work fantastic! I have been using this shampoo and conditioner together all summer. It is defiantly a summer scent because its a very refreshing and fruity scent. If you aren't a fan of sweet scents this is not for you! The packaging is very clean and looks very new. I personally like the packaging and think it looks great. Some people might disagree. The price is a little bit pricey but the product will last a while. The prices range from $5-7. So like I said on the pricier side. If you are willing to pay the price I am positive this shampoo and conditioner won't disappoint. The only thing that I would like to improv the product even more is for the scent to stay in your hair after using it because I love the scent so much I would like it to stay in my hair for a longer time. 
It's time for.... 
Overall Ratings 
Smell: 4 stars 
Packaging: 5 stars 
Price: 2 stars (the average price of the product is $6.99) 
Overall Score: 
3.5 stars 

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