Friday, July 19, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Quenched

You've probably heard of then, or maybe you've asked, "I wonder what that empty shelf is supposed to hold." 
Either way, introducing Maybelline Baby Lips. 

"Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm moisturizes lips for a full eight hours. Made with an exclusive skincare formula, lips are visibly renewed after using this Lip Balm for just one week. 
For clinically cared-for, baby-soft lips, Maybelline Lip Balm is easy to carry with you and designed to be effective." 
-Maybelline Online Description 

There are three different collections of Baby Lips: the originals, the spring limited editions, and the Electros.
(I have two other Baby Lips, but they are from the Electro collection, so I will review them separately.)

Unless you're willing to dish out some cash out Amazon, you (and I) are out of luck where the springtime limited editions are concerned. However, the originals, which include four tinted colors and two sheer ones and always available, and if you look around a bit, you'll find the Electro collection. 

The one I'm reviewing today, Quenched, is one of the two sheer lip balms from the original collection, and is SPF 20. 

The scent of Quenched is somewhat peculiar. It's supposed to smell like lemon, but smells like a mixture of sunscreen and ReaLemon juice. (The juice that comes in the plastic lemon containers) 
While the scent is interesting, it's not necessarily repulsing. 

Baby Lips are probably most known for being tinted. Quenched isn't, but I don't really mind that, since it definitely does it's job when it comes to sun protection. 
While I was at the beach on vacation, I used this for a week and managed to avoid any sunburn to my lips. (Yay ^_^)

However, one downside is that it makes your lips feel kind of oily, unlike EOS lip balm spheres. This may just be in the Quenched flavor, but I have heard others say the same. 

Quenched is definitely for you if you're looking for a good, sunscreen lip balm with awesome packaging, or of you're just in town for a sheer lip balm. 

Overall Ratings
Scent: 2.5 (for Quenched only)
Package: 4 (cute and practical, however, on Quenched, they simply slapped a label on the container instead of printing the words on if.)
Price: $2.97-$3.99 in stores, varying prices on Amazon. 
Durability: I've dropped this one several times too, no breakage. I will post as soon as it is finished so you all can tell how long it lasts. (I've had it for over a month, and I've barely made a dent) 

So, the overall score is: 3.5!

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  1. Oh, I remember buying the pink one only because it looked cute XD

    Can't wait to read more reviews! :)


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