Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bath & Body Works (Preview): Sun, Air, Sky & ScentSnap

Hey guys! I know that I said earlier that I wouldn't be posting any more Bath and Body Works things, but I just have to post a quick preview! I won't review these until the 21st when they are released, but here's just a little memo about the new spring collection: Sun, Air, Sky.

Along with that, you may have heard of B&BW's newly launched photo app, ScentSnap! I think it's super cute (I may or may not like editing photos), so I took the photo of Sun, Air, & Sky with it. But just in case it looks weird, there's  regular picture at the bottom.

I'll go in detail with the new fragrance line when it officially launches, but I absolutely LOVE the packaging! it's so simple, but so elegant and fun. I'm just hoping that they bring out fragrance mists and perfumes and even a fashion bottle with these, because they're amazing! Up until the 21st, they'll be available in stores for 3/$6, so check them out! I honestly have no idea which is my favorite, they're all amazing! Check back on the 21st to see the reviews for them!

(Here's the unedited version)

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