Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bath and Body Works: Velvet Sugar Fragrance Mist

Hey guys! With all of their winter products out in full display, I didn't think that Bath and Body Works would possibly reveal a new product- but I was wrong!


Velvet Sugar is their newest fragrance in the Signature Collection line, and if I am correct, it is permanent, not part of the limited edition Christmas line. 
I'm personally not a fan of the super sweet scents, in fact, anything heavily sweet or vanilla-y almost drives me crazy! Luckily for me, while it's sweet enough to be a winter scent, fruity and floral notes (of the tangy arrangement or sorts) are found along with the sweetness. 

A lot of the Bath and Body Works scents smell similar. In fact, so similar, I can swear some of them just have different labels! Velvet Sugar surprised me- in a very good way!

There's just something about Velvet Sugar that makes it perfect for everyone- whether you're a fan of the sweet or the sour, the clean or the musky, there's a perfect, harmonious blend of notes and ingredients that keeps you coming back for one more spray. Seriously. It's the one of the most perfect scents ever, no joke!'

For me, I think Velvet Sugar is perfect for casual or semi-formal, and for night or day, of any season, which is super convenient! (Plus, the price keeps you from making a major dent in your wallet.)
Maybe I'm just used to perfume, and this is a fragrance spray, but even for Bath and Body, it doesn't last a super long time. I'd say 6-9 hours, tops. 

Velvet Sugar, as being part of the Signature Collection, is available in perfume, fragrance spray (this), shower gel, lotion, etc, so even if you're not a perfume fan, you can go fall in love with a different version.

For application, as always, is super easy, with the sprayer not requiring much pressure at all, like the travel sized bottles. 

Even if you're a die-hard pink-chiffon fan, or you only like your Chanel N5, go give it a try.

I dare you.

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