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VIKTOR & ROLF Flowerbomb

It's one of the most note-worthy fragrances of 2013, and even now. It's been plastered everywhere, promoted everywhere, reviewed everywhere. And, oh my, by designers debuting their FIRST perfume! You've probably heard it all. But the question is:

Is it worth the hype?

Well, guess what? The hype is completely well deserved. Viktor & Rolf is an Amsterdam-based Fashion House, and Flowerbomb was created in 2005, but only recently became "big" here in the states.

Ever since a little "peel-to-sniff" sample of Flowerbomb came in a catalogue, I'd been wanting to try Flowerbomb so badly. Fortunately for me, I got the travel sized set for my birthday, which I'll talk about more below. (Possible money saving!)

On to the scent.
The name, of course, pretty much clues you in on the main arrangements of the notes: Flowers.

"This floral explosion releases a profusion of flowers that has the power to make everything seem more positive. Magically evocative notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret garden, away from reality. Sambac jasmine, centifolia rose, cattleya orchid, and ballerina freesia bloom on a base of patchouli." 


When you first spray/sniff Flowerbomb, you sorta get blasted in the face by a sweet, musky, but not sickly explosion of floweriness. Don't worry, though, it tones down after a minute or two. The style is best described as Oriental, Gourmand, and Floral, as the description says, with an oriental floral being different than any other floral perfume out there.

While most floral perfumes have notes with more bright, "springy" flowers, not to mention mixed in with citrus and berries, (Marc Jacobs Daisy, anyone?) Flowerbomb seems to have a more reserved, more elegant "feeling" to it, while packing a floral bomb of sweetness.

Even though it's not a note, I can smell a sort of fresh, melony scent underneath it, off to the side, just to make it less "bomb" and more "flower."
The first sniff you take is a bombardation (is that a word?) of sweetness, but sniff once more a few seconds later, and the middle and base notes will appear, filling you with the harmoniously blended florals. All the flowers/notes are equally detectable, but I'd say the rose and orchid are what you smell first.

 SPRAYS:                                    ROLLERBALL:                    TRAVEL:
                       3.4 oz: $165                                     0.33 oz: $29                      0.75 oz: $35
                       1.7 oz: $115                                     0.17 oz: $35 
                         1 oz: $80
                       0.68 oz: $50

(For the rollerball, I'm not exactly sure why the 0.17 is less than the 0.33, because they're both eau de parfum, so I'm guessing a Sephora website glitch.) 

$165 is not necessarily a break for your wallet. Depending on how much you like the perfume, it might be overpriced.

However, there is a way to save. Notice that the 0.68 oz is $50, while the travel sized duo is $35, with 0.75 oz. Looking to save? Go with the travel duo. Even better, the small little travel duo will be much harder to break inside your purse, suitcase, or bag, and there's no way the TSA will be able to turn it away.

Overall, I think that once I run out, I'll be buying this again, and you should go check it out! (you can get mini samples at Sephora.)

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