Thursday, May 30, 2013

Review: Pink Sugar by Aquolina

Looking for a super sweet, sugary scent? Look no further than Pink Sugar by Aquolina.
There is nothing remotely flowery, tropical, or clean about Pink Sugar. Along with that, it is almost impossible to detect any alcohol in it. When you spray it, you're bombared by a medley of sugar, sugar cookies, and vanilla. And A LOT of it.

When I first smelled this perfume, I immediately thought of this: Generic Sugar Girlyness.
Which, is pretty accurate, in my opinion, I have decided, after smelling it some more.
This definitely isn't a summery beach scent. I would say it would be appropriate during the winter, or at some kind of a fancy party. Even during the day, if it is applied lightly. Lightly.

As far as the smell goes, in retrospect, there's nothing wrong with it. It's simply a sugary, girly, and warm (As in stuffy warm, even cozy, perhaps) perfume. Definitely a playful scent.
I have a feeling I'll be smelling a lot more of this (they were giving samples away when the Sephora opened in the JCPenny's in my mall) since it seems to be one of the new "it" fragrances.

Overall Ratings:
Scent: 3
Look: 3
Price: $$$ ($20-50, it depends where you buy it.)

So, the overall score is: 3!

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