Sunday, March 24, 2013

Review: Miranda

As you may have been able to tell, we really like Lush's soaps. And lucky you! Here's another Lush soap review. :D

Miranda. Mur-an-duh. Just like the name.
Lush's Miranda soap is definitely one of the lighter, cleaner smells.

The overall scent of the soap is citrus and kiwi, but not overpowering. More kiwi than anything....a sweet kiwi.

If I could have any 2 soaps in the Lush store that I don't have, this would be one of them.
It's a very creamy soap, and easy to get all soapy.

Overall Ratings:
Scent: 4
Look: 3
Would I buy it a second time: 45%
Price: $$-$$$

So, we get.............3.5 Pounces!

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  1. Oh! I have some of this from a Lush store in France. It smells delicious. I got it last summer and it still hasn't run out! It's so cute and colorful and it smells like summer. The lather is awesome on my hands. :3


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