Sunday, January 27, 2013

Emilie's Top 5 (Bath & Body Works) Hand Sanitizers

5. Warm Vanilla Sugar
This is a classic from Bath and Body Works. I really like it because it isn't to over powering of a scent and it smells literally just like the name.

4. Fresh Picked Strawberries
Sometimes I just want a really nice berry scent and this is that scent. This is a very strong sweet scent but I happen to enjoy it a lot. I was hoping for a refreshing strawberry scent but this is a pretty good pocketbac after all.

3. Winter Cranberry
I buy this scent every single year around the holidays. I really like it because it smells like cranberries but it isn't that strong. It isn't too sweet either so that makes me really enjoy it. 2 words: BUY IT! It is limited edition but comes back every year during the holiday season

2. Fresh Picked Tangerines
This is a very refreshing scent. It isn't very sweet so it does smell like a true tangerine which makes me enjoy it so much. Mine is almost out and I need to restock. This scent is very tangy but still a great scent. Overall I really enjoy this and I use it every day.

(Drumroll please.........)

1.Fresh Market Apple!!!
This scent smells like an apple. I just can't get enough of this scent. It is so refreshing and light. It's just perfect. I really don't know what to say about this scent but: WOW! You should definatly check this scent out the next time you go to Bath and Body Works!

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