Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summertime Serendipity

It's pictures like this that make me long for the summer and trips to the beach, and those plane rides that despite being trapped in a metal object for 16 hours in the sky, make your stomach flutter with excited anticipation of the destination.

There's just something so effortlessly beautiful about travel and the culture and fashion of the people there.

Speaking of which, despite being in the endless whirlpool of crop tops and short-shorts, effortless always wins.  I really can't understand why we pay more money for less product. $40 for a crop top that's actually size of a bra? Just no.

I can't really speak personally for everyone, but don't we all want to achieve that naturally beautiful, effortless look? Wearing tiny pieces of clothes and too much blush and eyeliner gets attention, but it's often not the kind that any of us really want. All girls want people to look in their direction and say "Wow, she looks amazing," not "Wow, she looks like a [insert word of your choice here]."

Let's all be chic, not crummy, and not be afraid to step out of the Forever 21 norms, because there are so many things that we just choose not to look at because not everyone else is. (It's easier to dress badly than to actually put a legit outfit together.)

Back to Summer.

But, can we please talk about these promotional photoshoots that are in the catalogues? I feel like this is one of Michael Kors's best seasons in a long time,  that Reese satchel is TO DIE FOR.

If any of this is any sort of indication, yellow and blue are going to be the summer's biggest pairing, so move over, radiant orchid, along with simplistic and floral prints.

New York & Company , Urban Outfitters, Michael Kors

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