Monday, March 31, 2014

Mani Monday: Spring Pastels & Pandas

Hey guys! I almost never do "mani monday" related things, mainly because I suck at painting my nails, but I did the yesterday and they actually turned out... decently! (The shock, I know.)

I decided to do multicolored pastels, and of course, a panda!

Essie Mint Candy Apple
Covergirl Pink-finity
Covergirl Lav-endure
Panda: Justice

Swatches on Paper (I also added the two other colors I bought but didn't use)

These nail decorations are from Justice (I may have temporarily stolen them from my little sister...)

Essie Mint Candy Apple: Essie, as always, has amazing quality nail polish and Mint Candy Apple is So. Flipping. Amazing.

Covergirl Pink-finity & Lav-endure: I don't really know why people say it sucks, since they work really well for me! They're a *tad* bit more watery than Essie, but still really good.

Revlon in Seashell: This one is at the bottom of my list, the consistency is so watery, it just came right off my nail! Pretty color, though.

Revlon in Jade: My sister chose this one out, and fortunately, it's not as watery as the Colorstay ones.

I hope you guys enjoyed "mani monday," maybe I'll do some more things for nails next week! Make sure to subscribe & follow to make sure you're the first to know about new reviews, tutorials, posts, and more! xx

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