Saturday, December 21, 2013

HUGE Steal: The Body Shop

Hey guys! I'm not going to lie, we've all probably seen Extreme Couponers. Either in the stores, or on TV, we've all probably been captivated for a moment, run to the newspaper, and start looking for coupons, excited at the thought of getting everything you want for under $10. Then you realize that there aren't any coupons, and not enough, for the things you want. 

Doing a little bit of impromptu Christmas shopping last night with my friends, I'd found a $10 off a $20 purchase coupon online at RetailMeNot.

Even better? The store was having a 45% off EVERYTHING sale! Not even remembering the coupon, I started running (fast-walking, actually, since it's a small store) around, smelling everything.

Fast forward a couple minutes, and my friend gives me her Love Your Body card, which gives you ANOTHER 20% off!
For those that don't want to count, that's 65% off. 

After that, I was all set and happy, with a large total knocked out to $16.97. Later, I realized that if I had bought one more thing, even for $4, would've gotten everything for $10, which is cheaper than the price of the two items together!

I missed out on all parts of this deal, but now you won't! 

To sum it up:
1.) In-store sale (45% off)
2. Love Your Body Card (20% off) 
3. Coupon ($10 off $20)

Overall, if you use the first two and end up with under $20, but above $10, find something else that'll get you to $20 to knock your grand total right down to ten. 
In case you didn't catch the link earlier, here it is again.

On the other hand, however, if you're an online person, you can get 50% certain items with a wheel spin game. (Check out the website. I'll try to put some codes up here.) 

If you guys go to the Body Shop, make sure to leave a comment telling is what you bought and saved! We'd love to hear from you. 

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