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CLEAN (Rain, White Woods, Skin)

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Hey guys! So, this rollerball perfume set right here was part of my little haul from Black Friday in November. It was one of the $10 deals at Sephora, and I couldn't be happier!

In the rollerball set are three of their most popular fragrances, Rain, White Woods, and Skin. These three each are eau de parfum, and are 0.17 oz. (Not as big as regular rollerballs, but a decent size.)
Anyways, lets dive in!


"The pure scent of rainfall has been captured. Hints of daffodil, dewy melon, water lilies, daisies and sheer musk embrace the moment when droplets cling to flower petals and the world feels quiet, soft and bright."    -Clean

Rain is really, true to the name! I couldn't think of a better word to describe it. While no perfume can ever capture the essence of a fresh rain, Rain gets pretty close! 

The only way I can really describe this as without saying rain would be melon. I'm personally not a huge melon fan, (taste wise) but I do love the scent. 

Rain smells a bit potent, if you ask me how to describe it. Not that it's a bad thing, it just smells a bit too strong to be really close to the actual smell of rain. Had it been dialed down a bit, it probably would've smelled more similar. 

This perfume is great for anyone who loves melon or rain! 

White Woods:

This woody musk Eau de Parfum weaves a cozy, comforting blanket with hints of crisp bergamot leaves, sparkling mandarin, creamy vanilla orchid, sandalwood, praline musks, and a dash of black pepper. The result is a warm, luxurious scent that embodies the pure essence of natural light dancing in a quiet wooded path. -Clea

Even though White Woods is still very natural in terms of smell, it couldn't be anymore different than Rain! 

The musk, in this one, is very evident, but toned down and covered with basically everything in the description. 

I actually immediately compared this to the Abercrombie and Fitch perfume/cologne. It's almost identical, though I think that White Woods is much better, if not only because of the floral notes! (Plus, it's less expensive, too.)

This scent is almost borderline fancy-cologne-perfume, almost close to a unisex fragrance, but in other ways, it's definitely a girl's perfume. While I wouldn't recommend this for a fancy dinner party (and all those shmancy-pant things) this is a great every day perfume for those who like a little bit of oomph, while keeping it natural. 


   This fragrance captures the delicate     scent of bare skin. Hints of dewy flower petals wrap around notes of pure creaminess and warm musk to evoke the simple scent of touchable skin. Enticing, fresh, pure. CLEAN skin at its best. -Clean

The one word I would use to describe this as would be spicy. While I like this perfume, it's not necessarily my cup of tea for every day. I'm more of a floral-fruit sort of girl. (Which you may have gathered from my millions of rants about Versace Bright Crystal. Haha.)

It's safe to say that this is one of those perfumes that really just react to your skin type, since it smells a lot more pleasant for me on my skin than straight from the rollerball. 

It's a bit more subtle than White Woods and Rain, but still packs that little punch that's great for a casual or semi-casual event. 

Don't be doubting the perfume because of how it smells in the bottle/rollerball, because I can assure you it smells so much better once it's on you! 


This set was a blind purchase for me, since I had seen it on the Sephora website the night before, and picked it up quickly on Black Friday. Overall, it did not disappoint, and I'm super happy with all three!

If you're stumped on Christmas gifts, these would make perfect gifts for any tween/teen girl or woman. 

For a limited time, you can buy the set I got at Sephora for $10. (It's worth it!)

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