Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fashion Week 2013

Okay, so I know that Le Renifleur is a fragrance/skincare review blog. But I just couldn't resist making a pos about this. After all, hello?! Paris is one of the fashion capitols of the world.  I just HAD to do a post covering this. So bear with me. 

While I cannot name all of the designers for the life of me, and I am most definitely not in Paris, NYC, London, or Milan right now (I wish I was), I've put together a string of my favorite new designs together, along with some inspiration from the designers. These pictures are a collection from my "2013 Fashion Week" board on Pinterest, so have a look!

BCBG Spring Collection

Marc Jacobs/Louis Vutton


Marc Jacobs


Those are my favorite out of the bunch, but you can check out the entire board of pictures HERE!

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