Friday, August 9, 2013

Catastrophe Cosmetic: Lush Fresh Facial

This is a bit of a quickie review, (Emilie and I are planning something awesome for you guys!) but still a review nonetheless.

I recently (five minutes ago, actually) used the Lush Fresh Facial, Catastrophe Cosmetic. 

This lovely little facial is packed with blueberries (YUMMM) and antioxidants, and I think this is the mask for oily/breakout/somewhat dry/sensitive skin. (This is probably a good time to mention that this mask was originally bought for my sister. My skin is desert-dry!)

"Still learning about proper skin care? No need to be embarrassed. After all, every face has different needs! We recommend starting here. Prevent disasters by taking regular care with our deep cleaning blueberry mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic. The little blue bulbs are packed with vitamins, with a gentle calamine base to cleanse the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Use this one weekly as a deep cleansing treatment to kick off your regular skin care routine.


  • • Gentle enough for everyone: Catastrophe is one of our best-selling masks because it’s gentle on all skin types.
  • • Local matters: We buy our blueberries for Catastrophe Cosmetic from a local farmer here in British Columbia.
  • • Calm catastrophes: We use calamine powder for its calming and soothing effect."
                          -Lush website

I have to note that these facials smell really good. Some of the Lush stuff *cough cough 24:33 Perfume cough cough* smells, well, pretty peculiar. But these smell amazing. (Especially the chocolate one...) 
Anyways, I asked the employee that was by the masks if I could eat them. 
I got a couple strange looks for that. (But to answer the question you're probably wondering about now, yes, yes you can. It just might not taste too good.)

While my pores are noticeably smaller, and the redness (and a few specks of dried lava from my pimple volcanoes :P), my skin isn't perfectly clear. But hey, if there's a product that did that, then everyone would have clear skin. I think it's a long-term progress kind of thing. 

Overall Ratings:
Scent: 3.8
Packaging: 2.5 (nothing impressive)
Durability: Well, if it drops on the ground and makes a shouldn't use it anymore. 

The Big Question: Does it work?
Score: 4

Overall Rating: 3.5

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