Sunday, February 10, 2013

Revenge is Sweet~The Ex-Factor (VDay#2)

Revenge is oh-so-sweet. When love is not in the air on Valentine's Day, time to use what you've got left. Revenge.

If you're in the need for some cynical revenge, look no farther. Lush's the Ex-Factor is sure to please.

The Ex-Factor is a BATH BOMB, not soap. (Like a bath fizzer, just a lot cooler.)

The bath bomb smells like a warm, musky vanilla. The scent of revenge. (Which I had no idea it was, until now. At least that explains why people eat vanilla ice cream when they are sad.)

All you have to do is tear apart the little man limb by limb, maniacally cackling along the way, until you get to his heart. Then, BOOM!
Revenge satisfied.

Overall ratings:
Scent: •••• (4 stars)
Look: •••• (4 stars)
Price: $4.50

He's only here for a little while, so pick him up while you can!

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