Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Forever Red (VDay#5)

To wrap up our Valentine's Day Pink & Red event, I've chosen to feature something that I just have to. (Because its a Valentine's day collection!) Also, twisting it up a bit, this is from Bath and Body. May I present The Forever Red Collection.

The Forever Red collection by Bath and Body Works is the seasonal Valentine's Day collection that is brought out around now.

I can't really pinpoint the smell, but it smells like...warm flowers. You can also find a trace of citrus in there. It does, however, smell a lot like the other products that B&BW has had before.

The perfume/fragrance bottles look really really fancy and cool. (I just have a thing for cool containers.)

My only big issue with this is the price. $14.50 for a TRAVEL SIZED fragrance must. The lotions are over $20. I asked an employee why it was so expensive, and her only response was that "it uses higher-quality ingredients."
Hmmm. I checked the back, it doesn't show any extra ingredients than the other lotions and soaps.

They are available in a set, which is somewhere between $40 and $50, I believe.

Overall Ratings:
Scent: ••• (3 stars)
Look: ••••• (5 stars)
Price: $$$-$$$$$
(Range: $14.50-$50.)

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